What information should go in my session details?
Your session details are important because this is what parents will see when they browse your service profile. They can see the sessions you offer and the searches they carry out on the site will include a keyword search on your session title and your session description. So please make sure these accurately describe the session you are offering.

Services provided and Activity Categories
Again, these sections are important because they allow parents to search for the specific sessions you offer. For example, if your session is a dance class, make sure you tick the "Dance" category so that when parents carry out this search on the website, they will find your session.

Why is the age range important?
The age range is important for two reasons.
1) Firstly, it allows parents to see the target age range for children
2) Secondly, parents will be unable to book their children into sessions that are not age appropriate for them

What is the ratio for?
if you use, or intend to use, the Rota Management functionality in Caerus, the Ratio you enter here is important because Caerus will help you when it comes to allocating staff to a specific session. The ratio covers the number of staff you need to allocate to a session to safely manage the number of children that are booked into it.

How to schedule my session
If your session is a one-off session, simply select this dial followed by the date, start and end times of the session. If the session recurs at specific times, check the "Recurring" dial followed by the days of the week the session occurs, the times of the sessions, and the start and end date of the sessions.

For example, you could have a session that runs every Tuesday and Thursday evening, 6pm to 7pm, from now until the end of the year. Simply:
  1. Select recurring
  2. Choose Tuesday and Thursday
  3. Update the start time to 6pm
  4. Update the end time to 7pm
  5. Choose today's date as the start date
  6. Choose the end date as the last occurrence this session is due happen, or leave blank if you want to have an open-ended session
Saving this will allow you and your parents to book children into these sessions each Tuesday and Thursday.
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