Payment Options Explained

Payment Options Explained

Setting up your payment options
Before you create your first session, it is important that you choose your accepted payment methods in your service's profile. For this, go to your Settings, select "Service Profile" followed by the service you're operating, and then choose the Payment & Cancellation tab. Here, you can choose the different payment methods available to parents or staff when a child is booked into your session.

How can I take card payments?
If you would like to accept card payments directly into your own bank account, please set up your Stripe account in the "Payment collection details" section in your Settings.

If you're happy for Caerus to accept card payments on your behalf, you do not need to set up a Stripe account, however please contact Caerus with your bank details so that your payments can be reconciled each month.

Taking payments for my sessions
You can control how you accept payments for your sessions on a session-by-session basis. Simply check or uncheck the payment option that you would like to change and save. The payment options you select here will carry through to both the parent and service portals. However, if you don't want parents to be able to book directly into these sessions themselves, you can update the "Visibility" to "Staff" so that only your staff members can carry out bookings.

Please note; if you're unable to select your prefered payment method when creating a session, please check your settings.
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