How do I set up my Account?

How do I set up my Account?

We are currently updating our set-up video.  In the meantime, please have a look at the FAQ's below for assistance and if you have any further queries regarding setting up your account, please contact us here: a demo here:   or email
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    • How Do I Set Up Branch Details on Caerus

      When you first register there are a few steps you need to go through to complete the set-up process and book children into sessions.   Step 1 - Add Branch Details Click on Add Branch Details - you will see that some of this information has been ...
    • How do I set up a Child Account?

      To set up a child account, you must first set up a parent/carer.  Once the parent/carer is set up you can go into their profile.  Go the the tab that says Children and then select Add A Child.
    • Do I need a Stripe Account to set up my Caerus Pro?

      No, you only need to add the Stripe Account if you want parents to be able to pay by card via the parent's app, or you would like to be able to carry out bookings over the phone and allow your parents to pay by card.

      To add a new member of staff go to the Team tab and select Staff On the top right hand side of the screen you will see a purple tab Add New Staff - click on this Add the staff member's first name, last name and email address (it is important to make ...
    • I am set up as Admin - can I set up another Branch?

      Yes, as an Admin you will be able to set up another Branch.