How Do I Set Up Branch Details on Caerus

How Do I Set Up Branch Details on Caerus

When you first register there are a few steps you need to go through to complete the set-up process and book children into sessions.  
Step 1 - Add Branch Details
Click on Add Branch Details - you will see that some of this information has been retained from the registration process.
Go to the Service Details tab and add your Service Logo then scroll down to add your funding model if you have one (if you provide all year and term time, select term time).
Next select Branch Details and add any further information that was not added during the registration process, including setting up a Stripe Account if you would like parents to pay by card on the app.
Go to the Opening Times tab and add the times you open and close.  In the case of an Out of School Club, you can add the start time of the breakfast club and the end time of the after school club.  All sessions that you set up must fit inside these times.
Next, select Closures and add the days that your service is not running and then click on ADD.  You must add your closures before you can add any rooms and sessions.  To add a second date simply type over the first one and select ADD again.  Once you have added all the closures click on Confirm and Add to Calendar.
The next tab is the Booking Policy.  You can leave this blank, but this is designed to determine how your Parents can book and cancel via the Parents' App, if you decide to invite them.
The final tab is Branches.  If you have more than one branch in your service, you can add them here.
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    • Once through the initial set-up process where do I set up new rooms and sessions

      You will find this function under PLANNING.  However, please make sure you complete all the information about your Service (including, for example, your opening times, your closures and your booking policy) before you create your rooms and sessions.