How Do I Add a Parent/Carer to Caerus?

How Do I Add a Parent/Carer to Caerus?

Go to the Accounts tab and click on the button on the top right hand side Add New Parent/Carer
  1. You will be asked for the email address of the parent you want to add to search to see if this parent/carer is already registered with another service who is using Caerus.  
  2. When you add the email address and click on Search for Account, if the parent/carer already exists on the system you will get a message saying "It looks address..... is a Caerus Parent Portal user, would you like to request their data to add to your service's account?" 
  3. You can then select the option to Request Information.  The parent/carer will get an automated email asking them to give their permission for you to upload their details to your service.  If they agree to this their details and their childrens' details will be uploaded to your Accounts section.
  4. If their email address is not on the system, you can add their details manually.  If this is the case click on the Add Manually button and it will take you to the Add New Parent/Carer page.  
  5. Enter the Parent/Carer's details and select Add.
  6. You will then be taken to the Add New Child option.

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