Does Caerus Pro use Funded Hours?

Does Caerus Pro use Funded Hours?

Caerus Pro currently accommodates the ability to allow customers to pay for childcare using their funded hours, these will need to be added to each child's account in accordance with your local authority. More in depth integration with the government's Funded Hours system is planned soon and the Funded Hour increase in August 2020 will be accommodated.
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    • Adding a Child to Caerus

      To add a child's details to Caerus you must go to the Profiles Tab and select Children You will then have to do the following: Click on Add Child You will be asked to enter the email address for the Carer of the child and press Search If the Carer ...
    • How much does Caerus cost?

      Caerus is free to register and use for ever if you are a registered childcare provider in Scotland. If you want to take up front card payments you'll need to set up a Stripe Express Account which you can do in Caerus once you have registered. This ...
    • Can staff see their hours?

      You can set a member of staff's hours when you invite them into the system.   Once a staff member has verified their account they will be able to log in to their account  to view their contract details, personal info, view sessions they're working in ...
    • Do I need a Stripe Account to set up my Caerus Pro?

      No, you only need to add the Stripe Account if you want parents to be able to pay by card via the parent's app, or you would like to be able to carry out bookings over the phone and allow your parents to pay by card.
    • Does Caerus include any learning journals?

      At the moment Caerus does not include any learning journals, however we are proposing adding this function at a future date.  If there is anything specific you would like to see in Caerus, please request it ...