Child's Profile

Child's Profile

Once a child has been added to Caerus you can view their profile.  Once in their profile you can add to and view all their details.  On the left hand side you will see a list of different options:
  1. Overview - where you will be able to see all the bookings made for the child
  2. Child Information - this was input when adding the child but can be updated at any time ie dietary requirements, medication, school they attend, etc
  3. Activity Reports - Activity Reports can be generated once a child has been checked out of a session.  These are viewed here.  They are also accessible by the Parent/Carer if they have been invited to the Parents' App
  4. Funding Status - Under Funding Status you can add the exact amount of funded hours that a child receives each week from your service
  5. Booking Calendar - here you can select a date and view the sessions booked for the child on that day.  You can also cancel any of these bookings too

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