Check in


 All employees registered on the system have the functionality to check children in and out of sessions.  To do this they log into Caerus, using the email address and password they registered with, and go the the Home page.  (Some services prefer to set up a generic user account on the system that their team can access to check children in and out).
Select the room you want to view from the room options at the top of the page
Choose the session (from the sessions showing below) that you would like to check the child into by clicking on View Session and Register - a list of all the children booked into that session will appear
Select the child you want to check in and click on the Check In tab.  This will then show the exact time that you have checked the child in and this will be recorded in the session register.
When the child leaves, go back into the session, click on View Session and Register again and then select Check Out.  This will show the exact time you check the child out and will also be recorded in the session register.  
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      You can set up as many sessions as you like for each room.  If you have different fee structures these can be set up as different sessions.  Bookings into any session in a room will all count towards the total capacity of that room.
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      You will find this function under PLANNING.  However, please make sure you complete all the information about your Service (including, for example, your opening times, your closures and your booking policy) before you create your rooms and sessions.