Before a team member can be visible in the rota section, they have to verify their account and have either had their hours added to their profile by an Admin on the account (full-time and part-time) or have added their availability (sessional staff).
Once this has been done, go to the Rotas tab, where you will get the option to choose Rotas or Templates
If you have team members who work regular hours in the same rooms, you can add these into a template which can be copied into future rotas.  If a team member is off sick, on annual leave, or in the case of sessional staff, not added their availability, this will be flagged when copying the template over and these team members will not be carried over into that rota.  
To set up a Template click on the Template option and then select Create a New Template
Select a name for your Rota Template and then click on Confirm
On the top left hand side of the screen if you click on Full Time, Part Time or Sessional you will see all your team members names listed with the amount of hours they work each week
If you scroll further down the screen the first room you will see is called Outside Session Hours - any team members who work at the service but not in a particular room (eg admin or someone who comes in earlier than the session starts) can have these hours added in here - this gives a complete picture of the hours they have worked.
After this you will see a list of all the rooms you have sessions in.  You can then add your regular team members into these rooms, along with the hours they work in them.
Once you have completed this click on Save Template
Templates can be amended but any amendments will only show on rotas which the amended template has been used to create.
Creating a Rota
To create a rota select the Rotas tab
From the calendar at the top of the page, select the week you want to create the rota for
You will see 3 options:
Create a rota - this allows you to create a rota from scratch (when you set up a rota from scratch you will have the option to then save this rota as a template, if you so wish)
Import rota from template - allows you to copy over a template that you have set up
Create a new template - will allow you to create a new template which can be saved and used again
To create a new rota select Create a Rota (if you select this option you will not be able to add a template for this week)
At the top of the page you will see a list of team members who are available to work that week
You will then see a list of all rooms that you have sessions running that week.  Outside Session Hours is always the first option.
Click on Add Staff in the room and on the day you want to add staff to.  At this point you will get a pop-up on the right hand side.  This will show you the sessions that are running in the room; the time the sessions are running and how many staff are required.  It will also give you a register of all the children in that room and the time they are booked into the room.  Under this you will get a list of all Available Staff separate into Full time, Part-time and Sessional.  Select any of these options and then check the box next to the team member that you want to add to the room.  You can then add the times that this team member will be working in the room.  If you want to add multiple times simply click on the + button at the right hand side to add another time
Once you have added all the staff for that day select Add Staff and move on to the next day.
When all the staff have been added for that week scroll back up to the top of the page where you can Preview Rota or Publish
When a Rota is published an email notification is sent out to all Team Members notifying them that the rota has been set up.  If the Rota is amended in any way, they will also receive an update notification
There is also an option at the top right hand side of the page to Use as a Template which will allow you to save this particular rota in Templates to be used again in the future
Rotas can be printed off if necessary
If you have multiple branches where team members may work in more than one of these branches the rota overview will show where a team member is working in each of these branches

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