Adding Rooms and Sessions to Caerus

Adding Rooms and Sessions to Caerus

Step 2 - Adding Rooms and Sessions to Caerus
This is Step 2 in the Set Up Process
Click on Set Up in the Add Rooms and Sessions box.  (You can also find this under the Planning tab - Rooms and Sessions)
Select Add Rooms
Add the rooms that you have in your service, for example, Babies Room, Toddler Room, etc
Add the Total Capacity for that room and add any notes that are relevant to that room
Select Add Room
Once you have added your rooms you can add sessions to the rooms.  Scroll down and select Add a Session.  In here you can set up how you would like the session to run:
  1. Add the name of the session eg Term 1 AM; Term 1 PM; Summer Holiday Club, etc
  2. Select which room the session is being allocated to
  3. Select the year the session is running in
  4. Add a start and end date for the session
  5. Add the days that the session is running and the start and end time of the full session
  6. Add the age range - you can select as many age ranges as necessary
  7. Select the correct ratio for the session
  8. Choose how you would like the session to be booked, in full only, hourly only or both.  If you select hourly you will also be asked for the minimum amount of time you would like to be bookable flexibly
  9. Add the cost per session or hour as appropriate
  10. Go back to the top of the page and choose whether you would like to save the session as a draft or publish it.  You cannot add bookings to a session until it has been published

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