Adding a Child to Caerus

Adding a Child to Caerus

To add a child's details to Caerus you must first add their Parent/Carer (see Add Parent/Carer Section)
Once you have added a Parent/Carer you can go into their profile and do the following:
  1. Click on Add New Child
  2. Add the child's personal details
  3. Add a password (this is for use between the nursery and parent/carer and can be changed once the parent has access to the Parents' App)
  4. Select the branches the child is associated with
  5. Add Dietary Requirements, Medication and any Other Requirement
  6. If the child is picked up or dropped off from school (or attends a school as well) this can be added to the School Section.  This will then show up on the session register if the child is booked into a session
  7. Once you have completed this click on Add
  8. Go to the Children tab
  9. Select the child you have just added by clicking on View Profile
  10. You can now add the child's funded hours, if they have any and don't forget to click on Update to save any information you have added in here

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